Premiere series and movies on Netflix, HBO, Movistar + and Prime Video


After a previous week in which the pace of premieres slowed down a bit, some platforms such as Netflix and HBO Spain step on the accelerator again for the final leg of this July.

And it is that we are already in the penultimate week of the month, in which we will see on the part of HBO mythical sagas such as the generational trilogy Back to the Future, which does not age a bit in terms of ingenuity and fun.

And Por H o ​​por B, a comedy starring Hache and Belén, two friends of Parla’s who meet again when they both move to one of the most modern neighborhoods in Madrid: Malasaña.

Netflix brings us, among other films, the premiere of Venom, the villain of Marvel, and several series such as the successful How to sell drugs online (at full speed) in a second season in which the trio of leading teenagers expand their empire of online sales. Or Good Girls / Good Girls, in which three friends and mothers who decide to opt for crime in order to pay the bills.

And despite the fact that Amazon Prime Video only has a premiere, it is the recent movie Gretel and Hansel, a new twist to the classic macabre children’s tale under a groundbreaking visual treatment that brings it closer to the Jodorowsky and Winding Refn terrain than to Disney .


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