Premiere movies and series on Netflix July 26-31


Netflix: Monday again … For some lucky ones, it is Monday on vacation. For others, work / study Monday. But for all / as the beginning of the last week of the month, and also for the VOD platforms, now focused on their August catalogs. There are little things this week -not many because the change of month is noticeable-, but it is Disney + that wins again by a landslide of premieres without a doubt:

For starters, it has the highlight of the week and its second big blockbuster of the summer: Jungle Cruise, a new Disney film based on a Disney attraction -this is how the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was born-, and an adventure film with a very classic aftertaste in The one that The Rock and Emily Blunt -the most recent Mary Poppins and who could not be the original Black Widow in Iron Man 2 because she was ‘trapped’ in the filming of The Werewolf-, are looking for a tree with healing powers in the middle of the Amazon.

Chip and Chop are back, the mythical Disney squirrels that many of us met with the animated series The Guardians Rescuers 80s, who return to their roots in Life in the Park. And we have Turning the Tables, one of those much-needed series in which Robin Roberts chat with pioneering women in Hollywood to tell her stories of overcoming and success.

In the documentary field, Summer of Souls is one of the most prominent: Over the course of six weeks during the summer of 1969, the same as Woodstock, thousands of people attend the Harlem Cultural Festival to celebrate history, culture , black music and fashion. An event that was filmed, stored and forgotten for 50 years until now.

NETFLIX July 26 – 30


July 27
Mighty Express, season 4

July 28
The Cartel of the Capos: The Origin

Tattoo recycling

July 30

Outer Banks, season 2

How to Sell Drugs Online (Full Speed), Season 3


July 28

July 29
Can’t run away from love

July 30
The last mercenary