Premiere Movies And Series On Netflix From October 18 To 24


Netflix: Yes, today is Monday … And the best way to overcome it is by distracting yourself with, for example, all the premieres that you can see this week in the field of video on demand, which as always comes loaded with VOD premieres on Netflix, HBO Spain -soon HBO MAX Spain-, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Filmin.

In Movistar + we have a recent premiere such as Monster Hunter by Paul WS Anderson, which after closing its successful (although repudiated) Resident Evil saga based (that is to say) on Capcom video games, has wanted to adapt another saga just as successful as it is Monster Hunter. Milla Jovovich works on screen not with zombies, but with colossal creatures more like dinosaurs in a plot that again does not seem to be very based on the game that she adapts.

Disney + brings us Inside Disney, a new series to learn what is behind each Disney movie or theme park. Each episode consists of three stories with which to travel the magical world of Disney. And also the third installment of Rec, a prequel that also breaks with the Found Footage aesthetic of the previous ones, and Victor Frankenstein, an adrenaline-pumping film based on Shelley’s immortal work that rewrites the text to show us a much more human Igor and a Frankenstein. crazier with superb James McCavoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

And Netflix, as always, is loaded with titles including Locke & Key season 2; Insiders, a reality show hosted by Nawja Nimri in which people who don’t know they are filming it for so long are followed for 24 hours; and the biggest gift of the month: All the seasons of The Office (USA), one of the best comedies in the history of TV.


October 20
Gabby’s Dollhouse, Season 3
Insiders, season 1
Komi-san can’t communicate, season 1
Life is an Anomaly, with Julien Bam, Season 1
Tut Tut Cory Cars, Season 6
October 22
Dynasty, season 4
Locke & Key, season 2
October 23
The Office USA, all seasons

October 20
Calle de la Humanidad, 8
Jaws of night
October 22
Maya and the three
Top secrets
Buddy games
Wild land
Together again
Love song

October 20
Where did they find you?
Sex, Love & Goop, season 1
October 21


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