Premiere Movies And Series On Netflix


Netflix: Yesterday was Monday, horrible Monday. But not today. Today is already Tuesday, and also a national holiday, so you can decide whether to stay at home and relax or spend it outside. Be that as it may, if you have a while you can watch all this this week, which as always comes loaded with VOD premieres on Netflix, HBO Spain -soon HBO MAX Spain-, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Filmin.

We are going to review all the premieres of the second week of October (or third), which there is a lot to see, including 23 Netflix content, the latest from DC in series with the third season of Batwoman, and Disney’s Free Guy & Ryan Reynolds -which we hope will soon get together to make Deadpool 3:

NETFLIX October 11 – 17


October 11th
The Kangaroo Club, Season 2
October 12 °
The Movies That Made Us, season 3
Mighty Express, season 5
October 14th
Another Life, Season 2
October 15th
Little Things, season 4
My name, season 1
Masha and the bear
The world of Karma
You, season 3


October 12 °
Bright: Samurai Soul
Confluence: Courage in Times of Crisis
October 13
Rescue distance
Jacinto Action
Violet Evergarden: The Movie
Pacific Rim: Insurrection
October 15th
The forgotten battle
Ijé: The trip
Four by four
The fantastic Halloween of Tibucán
Little women
History of the occult


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