Premiere 18 Again, the new drama inspired by Zac Efron


Tomorrow is 18 Again, the new drama that will show travel in time, the fight for love and the adolescent that we all carry inside.

As part of the 2020 new releases, Korean entertainment decided to recreate a well-known story based on the movie 17 Again starring Zac Efron. If you wanted new series to add to your list and entertain yourself with new K-Dramas, 18 Again is the perfect premiere you needed.

The JTBC television network decided to take up the American comedy for its new drama “18 Again”, starring actor Yoon Sang Hyun and young star Lee Do Hyun, both will play the character of Hong Dae Young, a man whose adult life has not It turned out as expected, but by the magic of fate you will have the opportunity to start over.

The premiere of this new drama was delayed due to the current pandemic, but JTBC confirmed that it will finally hit the screen tomorrow, September 21. The project is a remake of the Zac Efron movie, the plot will be very similar and wants to portray the idea of ​​family love and new opportunities.

18 Again narrates the life of Hong Dae Young, a man who unfortunately loses his job, unfortunately his married life goes from bad to worse and the relationship with his wife Jung Da Jung, their union is on the verge of divorce and the protagonist you will have the opportunity to change many things about your adolescent self.

Hong Dae Young will undergo a body transformation, rejuvenate, and revert to his 18-year-old youth version, and will change his name to Go Woo Young to avoid raising suspicions. With a “new life”, the protagonist will relive the time when he was a very popular boy as well as a great basketball player.

What will happen to his wife and children? Will you be able to recover them? In the original version, Zac Efron regrets the mistakes he made in the past and is willing to take his new chance without returning to normal; however, he realizes that his loved ones are more important to him. 18 Again opens tomorrow, you can’t miss it.

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