Pregnant Tia Booth plans a wedding in the fall of 2023 with Taylor Mock: “Fingers crossed”


First comes the baby! Pregnant Tia Booth gave Us Weekly an exclusive update on the wedding plans before she revealed that she and Taylor Mock are expecting their first child.

Chronology of the relationship of bachelor Tia Booth and fiance Taylor Mock

“So far we haven’t had to do much, and that’s good. I’m not quite in the thick of things yet,” the 30—year-old graduate of the 22nd season of “The Bachelor” said on the Us podcast “Here for the Right Reasons.” “We still don’t have a meeting place — it’s not set in stone, but as soon as I have it, then I’ll have a date. Then I can choose the suppliers, and then everything will really go. So fingers crossed, everything will work out.”

When her “Click Bait” podcast co-host Joe Amabile revealed that he and Serena Pitt are planning a wedding in September 2023, Booth added, “So I’ll be right after you. … I hope for the end of October, the beginning of November.”

Booth and Mock, 27, got engaged in April after almost a year of dating. The Bachelor in Paradise graduate accepted the offer during the recording of The Bachelor Live on Stage.

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“I have never been so shocked and confident in my life💍 I love you so much, Tay, my IGNORAMUS!!!” she wrote via Instagram after getting engaged in Atlanta.

In the same month, she hosted a Q&A with fans on Instagram about wedding planning, saying, “I’ve always wanted a long sleeve dress! And then maybe a hot jumpsuit for the reception and maybe even a 3rd short version! I don’t know yet!”

She added that the Ioc “fulfilled my dreams of a ring!”

Two months later, Booth revealed she was pregnant, reflecting on Father’s Day after losing her father.

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“Although I would like to tell my father all the good news personally, it comforts me that he knows about it long before me. Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt that my father had a hand in this,” she wrote on Sunday, June 19, on Instagram. “Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to the first man I’ve ever loved, and happy Father’s Day, which is coming soon, forever.”

Fans met Booth in the season of “The Bachelor” by Arie Luyendyk Jr. She continued to appear in seasons 5 and 7 of BiP.

“I mean, maybe I wouldn’t play topless volleyball,” Booth joked when asked about regrets during her stint in the 2021 seasons. “I don’t know. what is, is. Once in a lifetime, why the hell not? I never regret anything from the series. Just like at that point in time, it’s what I thought was right—that’s why I did or said it.”