Pregnant influencer Citamaass reveals the baby name!


Citamaass (35) revealed a cute detail! Currently, the influencer is pregnant. Together with her partner David, she is expecting a son, which she has already announced online. For example, despite the fact that she documented her pregnancy and disclosed the sex of her child, she also stated that she would not disclose her child. But she revealed one more thing: this will be the name of the unborn Sita!

In her Instagram profile, she shared her impressions of her baby shower – in the caption, she told subscribers the name: Louis Felix will be called the son of Sita! “My little bear, you are so lucky, you were born in the best family and in the largest circle of friends,” the expectant mother wrote and seemed to want to thank her for the baby shower.

The beauty not only shows subscribers the beautiful sides of her pregnancy, but also struggles with certain fears. “In my family, among other things, there are cases of blood clotting disorders. Of course, being overweight also plays a role, because pregnant women always have an increased risk of thrombosis,” Cita honestly explained a few months ago.


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