Pregnant Heidi Montag avoids the scales before the birth of her second child: “Let’s just be healthy”

Without worrying about clicking back. Pregnant Heidi Montag keeps a positive attitude before giving birth to her and Spencer Pratt’s second child, especially when it comes to her body image.
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The 35-year-old Hills graduate is “trying to be very careful” giving in to her cravings while approaching the 20-week mark, as she exclusively told Us Weekly before welcoming baby #2. she craves “sugar and carbohydrates” the most.
“If I take a bite of a pie, I look down and half of it is already gone! I’m getting full so fast!” she said with a laugh. “My appetite has really increased because the baby needs a lot more food, which is why I eat so much food.”
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Montag follows her diet, but does not want to limit himself. “I try really hard to eat mostly healthy, whole foods that I love, but I definitely eat more pasta and toast,” she told Us. “And given a more carnivorous diet, it’s a bit shocking. …I also try not to jump on the scales. I’m like, “Let’s just be healthy, let’s eat as healthy as possible and not worry about what libra says.”
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In June, we were informed that the Colorado native was pregnant. She has a son Gunner, 4, by Pratt, 38, and MTV faces exclusively told us they have another little boy.
“This may be my last [pregnancy], so I just want to feel comfortable,” Montag explained. “I think this is my biggest fear — I don’t want to gain so much weight that I become very uncomfortable and not so functional. So I’m just trying to find a good balance between not feeling pressure at all, exercising as much as possible, eating what I want and enjoying pregnancy. It’s something I keep reminding myself of.”
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The Laguna Beach graduate told us that the “reality” of soon becoming a mother of two is “sinking in,” but she doesn’t want to “miss out” on special moments with Gunner before his younger brother shows up. “I’m trying to plan and create the best models for him, for example, he always wants me to tuck him in every night, and I’m trying to include Spencer to be able to do that. I’m doing a lot and Spencer comes in and I’m done,” Montag said. “We need to reassess some things [before the baby is born]. …I’m a little nervous, excited and nostalgic at the same time.”
Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Gunner. John Chapple/MEGA
Despite some of her concerns, Montag told Us Gunner she was “very excited” to have a baby brother. “He kept saying, ‘I want my brother to imitate me, and I want my younger brother to be like me, and I want us to be friends,'” the Celebrity Big Brother alum boasts. “So for him, this is what he was hoping for. I think the brother’s relationship and their dynamic is so great, and I just hope they will be very close throughout their lives.”