Pregnant “Dancing with the Stars” pro Jenna Johnson: what’s in my bag?


Mary Poppins would be proud. Jenna Johnson is ready for anything that may meet her on the way to the “Dancing with the Stars” mirror trophy, thanks to her reliable dance bag, donated by a former partner.

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“I was spoiled last season with Jojo [Siva] as my partner because… it became a tradition that every day of the show she gave me something from Gucci,” the 28-year—old professional dancer exclusively told Us Weekly. “So it’s a Gucci bag, but obviously she had to make it JoJo-ify so she would paint it custom [with] rainbows everywhere.”

To celebrate the time spent together, Siva presented Johnson with an Ophidia GG travel bag, on which was written the name of their team J Nation, painted in bright colors of the rainbow.

Johnson, who is currently pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Val Chmerkovskiy, opened her “Mary Poppins bag” to show us what she keeps on hand in the studio.

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Germs are prohibited
“I always need to eat Wet Ones because germs on the countertop scare me. I can’t do it,” she admitted, showing a travel package of antibacterial wipes.

Just spritz
“I’m afraid to smell bad, so I always have perfume with me. I need to replenish it,” Johnson said. “[And] I’m constantly being asked: I’m wearing a Baccarat Rouge, it’s a 540. This is the most smelling perfume in the world.”

Kodak Moment
“Oh, it’s fun! I really like film cameras, and this is… one of those Kodak cameras that you can order on Amazon. But I’m so obsessed with them and just the funny in—between moments that are captured,” explained the graduate of So You Think You Can Dance. “So I have one of these cameras in all my bags— in my dance bag, in my purse, in my car, everywhere. They’re just the best.”

Put on the ring
“I never dance with an engagement ring. I once had a bad experience — I won’t say which season — [when] my partner and I were rehearsing and my [wedding] band broke in half. I cried for about two hours, so now we never dance [in it],” she told Us, adding that she now puts her rings in a box for safekeeping. “This is actually the box that Val proposed to me with. So I still have it, and I’ll put it there.”

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Mint fresh
“I’m addicted to chewing gum,” Johnson said with a laugh. “I’ll always have gum. My producers on the show will be angry because I always have gum [in my mouth], but again, I’m afraid of bad breath [and] bad smell. It’s just a thing.”

On the line
“The last… lip pencil [from] NYX. This is [the color] “Sandstorm”. So, boom, that’s it,” said the choreographer.

What else is in Johnson’s bag? Watch the exclusive video above to see her favorite lip balm, her favorite dancing shoes and more!


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