Pregnant Aurora Ramazzotti spotted on family outing


All Ramazzotti-Hunzikers shine! Even 20 years after the separation of Eros Ramazzotti (58) and Michelle Hunziker (45), they still get along great. The musician and the presenter were in a relationship for four years. In their marriage, a daughter Aurora (25 years old) was born, who is now 25 years old. Now she has revealed that she is currently expecting a baby from her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza. A few days after the baby news was announced, Aurora made her first public appearance!

Together Aurora went on a family trip with her mother Michelle and friend Goffredo. Their goal: Papa Eros concert in Verona, Italy! Recordings of the evening show how happy everyone was at the pop singer’s concert. While Eros was performing the song, he grabbed Michelle and hugged her. Popularity on television has reached both ears. Daughter Aurora, wrapped in a bright red raincoat, also enjoyed the melody of her father in her ears.

After several weeks of rumors about a possible pregnancy, Aurora put an end to the rumors. On Instagram, she posted a hilarious video in which Goffredo approaches her bed with a cheeseburger. He was surprised by the unusual desires of his girlfriend: “Darling, you’re not pregnant, are you?” Playing hysterical, Aurora shouted: “Look at how huge my breasts are!”


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