Pregnancy tracking feature for Garmin’s smart watches


Garmin adds new features to its smart watches for tracking women’s health. From now on, it will be possible to follow the pregnancy progress through the company’s smart watches and exercise tracking wristbands. This tracking will be done through the Garmin Connect application.

With this feature, prospective mothers will be able to monitor their pregnancy processes more closely and find suggestions that will help improve their health in this process. This feature, which includes simple tools such as calculating the possible date of birth, also adapts to the change in the body of the users.

Garmin’s pregnancy tracking feature shows changes in fitness and performance statistics during pregnancy. Users can adjust heart rate warnings, fluid consumption tracking, and freeze training settings. Reminders can also be created for activities such as the Kegel exercise. Details and symptoms ranging from baby movements to blood glucose levels can be listed. When the birth approaches, a contraction timer can be set up to monitor the birth. The size of the baby in the womb is described in comparison to vegetables and fruits.

Owners of products in the Fenix, Forerunner, Venu and Vivoactive series will be able to benefit from the pregnancy tracking feature activated via Garmin Connect.


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