Predicting the characters of the final Mario Strikers Battle League expansion


Nintendo’s latest Direct left little room for breathing, with over 40 minutes of non-stop video game announcements, synopses, and disclosures. While high-profile announcements such as Pikmin 4, Fire Emblem: Engage and, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are sure to remain in the spotlight in the coming months, Direct has had many smaller discoveries. this should not be forgotten. One of them was the opening of the second wave of free DLC for Mario Strikers: Battle League, which leaves room only for one more update.

Announced on Nintendo Direct, the second wave of DLC for Mario Strikers: Battle League will add Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey to the game, as well as Diddy Kong from the Donkey Kong franchise. These new playable characters join Shy Guy and Daisy from Wave 1 and bring their own assortment of gear to the table. But when two waves are behind, only one remains, and fans are rampant about who will join the list in its third and final wave.

Mario Strikers Prediction: Final DLC Battle League Characters

While there is no guarantee that two characters will appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League in the third and final wave of DLC, it is likely that it depends on the waves that preceded it. So the only question now is who will join the team. In the first wave of DLC Battle League, Daisy and Shy Guy joined the line-up, as a result of which strictly Super Mario characters remained in the game. But in the second wave of DLC, Diddy Kong is introduced. Although Diddy Kong is Nintendo’s first character, and Donkey Kong often overlaps with the Mario series, his recent appearance may pave the way for other crossover characters to appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

For example, any of the rabbit versions of Mario characters can be included in the third wave of the Mario Strikers DLC: Battle League. Adding Rabbid Mario, Peach or Luigi to Battle League not only brings a new unique character to the game, but also perfectly combines with the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope game and acts as a small promotion for this game. Alternatively, Mario Strikers: Battle League can intersect with any number of other beloved Nintendo first-person characters, such as Splatoon’s Inklings, which coincided with the monumental success of Splatoon 3. Even Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog will be a great addition to Mario Strikers: Battle League lineup.

On the other hand, if the third and final wave of Battle League DLC wants to stick with only Super Mario characters, then there are a few iconic faces that still haven’t made the list. For the past few months, fans have been confident that Bowser Jr. will come to Mario Strikers: Battle League. Having appeared in the latest Mario Strikers: Charged game and being one of the most popular Mario characters lately thanks to his starring role in Bowser’s Fury, Bowser Jr. seems like a likely contender for the latest Battle League DLC. Similarly, Piti Piranha is another likely assumption. Over the past few years, the popularity of Piti Piranha has grown significantly, he often appears in Mario spin-offs. Since Petey also appears in Mario Strikers: Charged, the groundwork is already there, which makes him a likely choice for DLC.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is already available for Nintendo Switch.


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