“Predator” and four other wonderful films turn 35 this year


1987 introduced viewers to a mysterious creature fighting an army of soldiers in the jungle, with a couple of mismatched Los Angeles police officers, with a small police unit trying to destroy Al Capone, with a Navy officer involved in murder and conspiracy, and with… – the upcoming Marines are trained by a cool drill sergeant. There are conflicting partnerships, people with an identity crisis and those who are afraid of death and suffering from the enemy.

Filmmakers such as Richard Donner, Brian De Palma and John McTiernan continued to work successfully as some of the best directors in their field. Meanwhile, the superstardom of actors such as Kevin Costner and Arnold Schwarzenegger has reached new heights. There is a lot of action and a lot of courageous characters in these 1987 films.

All-metal shell

The great Stanley Kubrick added another classic to his arsenal of films with an “All—metal Shell” – a film about the Vietnam War about an uncompromising sergeant instructor (R. Lee Ermey) who trains several recruits, teaching them to kill and prepare for battle. the challenges of war. Years later, a pair of recruits are shown after performing military duties in Vietnam. The first half of the film, dedicated to military training, is more effective than the usual, but brutal combat scenes in the second half. However, the film as a whole represents the joy and horror of war.

The training scenes are especially intense thanks to Ermie’s powerful, darkly funny performance as a senior drill instructor, Artillery Sergeant Hartman, who gives his recruits strict training regiments and delivers speeches about the glory of war and death (along with a lot of profanity). Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin in the MCU series “Daredevil”) is also remembered as Leonard, also known as “Homer Pyle”. This is the cutest character in the movie due to the fact that he turned from a scared man into an uncompromising recruit going crazy. Matthew Modine (Dr. Brenner/Dad from “Very Strange Cases”) plays the main character, J.T. “Joker” Davis, who unifies the whole story, becomes an experienced recruit and a military writer who learns that war is not what he thought.

There is no way out

In this political thriller, Kevin Costner portrays a US Navy officer named Tom Farrell who falls in love with Susan Atwell (Sean Young from Blade Runner), the mistress of US Secretary of Defense David Bryce (for whom Farrell works). When Bryce suspects that Susan is cheating on him, he gets angry and she dies. When Farrell is assigned to solve Susan’s murder, he is heartbroken, knowing that Bryce killed her. Farrell also knows he’s in a quandary because, since he was in a relationship with her, all the key evidence points to him as the prime suspect.

As in “The Untouchables” (released the same year), Kostner can play tough and vulnerable men. His role as Farrell requires him to run around the Pentagon (convincingly staged), fend off assassins, hide from witnesses and analyze crime evidence (all in order not to get caught and secretly expose Bryce as a murderer). In the role of Bryce, Gene Hackman is able to portray corrupt and selfish authority figures. Bryce’s right-hand man, Scott Pritchard (Will Patton), also treacherously and menacingly carries out his mission to cover up Susan’s murder in order to protect Bryce.


Before Die Hard, director John McTiernan shot one of the greatest sci-fi action movies of all time. In Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a soldier named Dutch, who leads a small army into the jungles of Central America to rescue hostages and destroy enemy guerrilla units. However, the real threat facing Dutch and his people is a mysterious alien creature that destroys them one by one. After several sequels and crossovers with Alien, the original Predator remains the best in the series thanks to its charismatic cast, thoughtful setting and bloody violence.

Dutch is one of Schwarzenegger’s best roles because he is able to combine drama and comedy and is able to portray a tough leader determined to protect his unit. Dutch’s quips are also funny (“If he bleeds, we can kill him”), and he has a few tense run-ins with his Vietnam buddy Dillon, who doesn’t tell Dutch the whole truth about the mission. Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke also show unforgettable courageous performances as members of Dutch’s team, who participate in several tense battle scenes and high-profile shootouts. The creature itself, a Predator, intrigues with its ability to be invisible and use the jungle to catch its prey by surprise, as well as with its brutal killing methods.

The Untouchables

Before No Way Out, Kevin Costner was part of a big hit when he took on the role of Federal agent Elliot Ness in Brian De Palma’s epic gangster film The Untouchables. In the film, Ness leads a special squad of police officers to destroy Al Capone during prohibition.


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