Pre-sale gift of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Buds Live


The Galaxy Note 20 line is less than a week from being officially launched by Samsung. As a result, leaks related to the commercialization of devices are appearing more frequently, showing some advantages that can be found by buyers.

For the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model, for example, there is a great possibility that the most premium device will be commercialized during the pre-sale period, unified with the Galaxy Buds Live Bluetooth headphones, which has not even been launched by the company yet, as a toast.

The information was shared by user Alvin on Twitter, showing a photo that appears to be of a paper for the promotion of the device on the day of the launch event, where it possibly counts as some kind of exclusive discount, as it contains a QR code in order to show more data about the device direct from a website developed by Samsung for these phablets

In addition, the pre-sale period is revealed, which is between August 6 and 19, and the discount price applied for the purchase in this initial phase, which, converting to the real, gives an average of R $ 910, an amount that matches what the brand’s Bluetooth headphones cost.

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