Pre-registration of Street Fighter: Duel Begins With a Strange Nondescript Trailer


Pre-registration of Street Fighter Duel on iOS and Android has begun for this mobile game based on the famous fighting game franchise.

Crunchyroll Games has opened pre-registration for a mobile spin-off of the Street Fighter franchise called Street Fighter: Duel. This new approach to the popular fighting game franchise allows players to see the myths of Street Fighter in a completely different light. At the same time, publishers encourage Street Fighter fans to try out the new game in the worst possible way: through a nondescript trailer that tells absolutely nothing about the gameplay.

Fortunately, we have additional information about the game, which will be released sometime in February 2023:

  • Collect more than 40 favorite characters, including Ryu, Akuma, Chun-Li, Cammy and others.
  • Assemble a team of three fighters from across the Street Fighter franchise and level them up to use devastating combos and character abilities.
  • Create your own experience! Develop strategies in real-time role-playing battles or turn on automatic battles to make your way through collisions with Shadaloo at lightning speed.
  • This is not a Street Fighter without martial arts. Join online and use your team of champions to challenge other players.
  • Unlock character skins exclusive to Street Fighter: Duel to take a fresh look at your favorite Street Fighter characters with new skins that keep popping up.

Based on these descriptions, Street Fighter fans should understand what Street Fighter: Duel is not: this is not the fighting game you would expect from a franchise. Instead, it’s a role-playing game with classes, group composition, and statistics. As noted above, the game will also have an online game.

After the game is released, there will also be in-game purchases in the free game, which should also encourage everyone to pre-register, since the game currency will be donated to players after the game is released for its full launch.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter 6 remains the most long-awaited game in the Street Fighter series, which has not yet been released. To learn more about this game, check out our article “Everything You Need to Know about Street Fighter 6”.


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