Prayers for BTS during their traditional Bomunsa shrine visit


BTS’s countdown is about to come to an end and “BE” will be released tomorrow night at 11pm with the MV for “Life Goes On”.

ARMY counts the hours for the return of the K-pop group BigHit, who have positioned themselves as the most popular group in the industry, in addition, 2020 is shaping up to be one of their best years of their career, as they achieved # 1 on Billboard and “BE” is expected to break their own sales records and on music platforms.

Through his personal Instagram account, the producer and friend of BTS, Pdogg shared a series of photos with his colleagues, who have worked with the boys on “BE” and on other projects within BigHit. This album is not only special for the idols, but also for the team that accompanied them in this musical adventure where they explored new talents.

Bangtan’s new album is one of the most anticipated, expectations are high since it was revealed that the seven members were creatively involved in the areas of production and composition of the comeback. The producers of the K-pop agency decided to show their support and pray for the boys’ success.


Pdogg, Hissnoise and Ghstloop, producers of BTS, paid a visit to the famous Bomunsa Temple, located on Seokmodo Island and which was built in 635 by order of Queen Seondeok.

To get there, you have to climb a large staircase, where Pdogg and company posed in front of the camera, they also took a selfie in a kind of viewpoint, from where you can see the East Sea. The producer accompanied his post with a message to explain that he went there to pray for the success of “BE”, a tradition that they carry out at every comeback of the boys.

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ARMY shared messages of thanks, as they hope that the efforts of the boys will be rewarded, in addition, it could be a good omen for the GRAMMY nominations that will be announced next Tuesday, November 24, one of BTS’s biggest dreams.

BTS’s message for this new release is to remember that life goes on despite the global crisis, a motivation for their fans.


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