Prague Travel Guide for Those Who Want to Learn


Prague, the Czech capital, is a unique Central European city with its historical texture, architecture and delicacies. One of the most accurate routes to visit in autumn Prague, where you must be seen, what to eat, drink, where you want to learn where to shop, this article is exactly according to. Travel 

When it comes to romance, the first city that comes to mind is Prague. At least what you read before you convince you that this is a romantic place. In fact, rather than romantic, Prague is a pleasant place. Because it’s too crowded to be romantic during the day. If you dream of a romantic Prague like in movies, novels, photographs you see, we suggest that you wake up before the sunrise and wait until the sunrise to live the Prague of your dreams … Almost everything in Prague and the area called Old City … In the streets and in life … As you get the map, you don’t have to struggle to find directions. It is a medieval city with a population of 1.5 million. For example compared to Istanbul, it creates a small neighborhood feeling. History and art come to you at every corner. Eat some hot dogs on the street. Do you need a little break, go to a small cafe, sip your coffee? When I’m so carom-headed, my head turns, if you need clear addresses, let’s give you small locations;

The Charles Bridge is the must-see of Prague. This is just like the Astronomical Clock Tower, a stone bridge that proudly carries the oldest title in the world. Because the bridge is always crowded. Well, this is not an obstacle for you to make beautiful dreams … In this magnificent building on the Vltava River, you can find yourself a small corner among the crowds and dive into long dreams …

Prague can be described as the most important square after the Old Town. Famous for hosting many historical events, this square is protected by UNESCO. The end of communism in the former Czechoslovakia is commemorated by demonstrations in this square. The National Museum is also located in this square.

Mala is located in the region of Strana. For most people, it’s a better area than the Old Town. Lesser Town Square is one of the most important places to visit. Surrounded by historic buildings, this square is home to the finest examples of baroque architecture in Prague. Sitting in cafes, strolling the streets and getting souvenirs at Mala Strana is a great pleasure. Moreover, if you want to return home with a special gift to Prague, you should visit the original puppet shops.

The dancing house welcomes you in Prague, where gothic and baroque architecture surrounds you like a naughty child … The Dancing House, one of the most emblematic buildings of modern architecture It’s a collaboration with Frank Gehry. He is called Fred and Ginger because he is dedicated to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and symbolizes two dancing partners.

The Astronomical Clock Tower on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List is one of the most touristic elements. The structure is the oldest clock in the world that is still running. In front of the clock tower, a crowd is forming around the clock. Accompanied by the gong that plays every hour, the figures symbolizing the saints pass.

Prague Castle is one of the oldest and grandest landmarks in the world. Prague Castle, including the Presidential Palace, offers a magnificent view of the city from the top. Located in St. Vitus Cathedral is a dizzying place. It is a cathedral that deserves attention with its stained glass and architecture.


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