Praey For The Gods, Inspired By Shadow Of The Colossus, Is Released


Shadow Of The Colossus: After years of early access period, developer No Matter Studios has announced that Praey for the Gods is now available for PC and consoles. The game is priced at $27 on the PlayStation Store, $19.90 on the Microsoft Store (only for Xbox consoles) and only $8 on Steam with a 15% discount until December 21st.

With the launch of the game, players who made the purchase during early access received the missing content, completing the final version of the game. Added the last two bosses, the complete story from start to finish and all achievements/trophies. In addition, the developer also released the rest of the map, made several optimizations, fixed bugs and added quality of life improvements to its new title.

In Praey for the Gods, players must venture into an open world full of adventure. As a lone hero, you must break through frozen territory in search of answers to the mysterious endless winter. For this, it is essential to survive the encounter with gigantic and dangerous creatures that will cross your path towards the discovery of the truth.

As in Shadow of the Colossus, you need to climb creatures to the top to defeat them. During the quest, players must glide, swim, run, craft items and explore the world while creating their own story in a non-linear plot.

Praey for the Gods is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.