PowerToys: Microsoft gets news to customize Windows 10


PowerToys is a program in the initial testing stage of Microsoft itself that aims to extend the functionality of Windows 10. Among the great highlights are the most varied keyboard shortcuts to expand the usability of the system, selection of custom grids to mount the windows in its own way (called FancyZones), in addition to several other differentials.

With the release of the new version 0.20 (yes, it is really a very early stage of development), the program will receive new improvements and updates for Windows.

Color selection, easy access to different FancyZones and more

Among the novelties we have the new color selection directly from the screen that the user is on: for that, just use the Windows + Shift + C shortcut to obtain the color code with the cursor. It is also possible to zoom in on the chosen location for greater precision using the mouse scroll.

We also have improvements for FancyZones with the shortcut Shift + Ctrl: just press both screens and move a window to change the zone window. Microsoft also adds support for the rendering of SVG icons with thanks to Chris Davis, as well as optimization for PT Run with improvements for the interaction with the keyboard, detection of installed applications and many bug fixes.

And there are also new features for customizing shortcuts within applications, where the user now has the power to remap them, improvements in PowerRename (allowing to rename portions of several files at once, instead of one by one) and improved OOBE for work with Microsoft Garage Interns during a hackathon.

You can directly download PowerToys by clicking here (20.5 MB). To find out more about what’s new in version 0.20 of the program, visit the Github page by clicking here.


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