PowerPoint on Microsoft Teams Gets Laser Pointer And Pen


PowerPoint: After Microsoft announced last month that the “laser sharpener” tool would be made available for PowerPoint Live presentations on the Teams collaborative platform, users have been eagerly looking for signs of the new feature.

The OnMSFT website announced this Wednesday (16) that a user was successful yesterday: Selena Caamano noticed an icon with the new functionality on the Teams desktop version and published the images on her Twitter account.

In other words, those who make PowerPoint presentations with the new Microsoft Teams will be able to use a virtual laser pointer, which will allow them to highlight or even annotate certain parts of a slide. The tool is important during lectures, as it allows you to highlight important points or interact with the audience, drawing their attention to certain sections.

How does the new PowerPoint toolbar in Teams work?

The Microsoft Teams PowerPoint splash screen now has four useful tools at its bottom right. Get to know each one of them:

laser pointer
This tool allows presenters to point to any content on slides and write on them. Although they appear clearly on the screen, any annotations made do not remain, disappearing as soon as the mouse button is released.

As if it were a real pen, this feature allows the presenter to write under a certain slide during the presentation. There are several customizable options, such as stroke weight and color in the color palette.

The highlight is a virtual highlighter pen, which makes it possible to highlight any content on the slide with the traditional yellow mark, or in other available colors.

As you might expect, the eraser is for erasing ink drawings made by the drawing tab on the slides, but it does not erase the elements originally included in the slides.

During a presentation, in a class, or in a team meeting, toolbar features are only available to active presenters. However, all participants need to join the meeting with the Microsoft Teams desktop client to view all notes, which are not saved in the file.

These features are not yet available for mobile devices.


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