Powerful Nubia Red Magic 6 receives new certification


As the days go by, more details about the awaited Red Magic 6, Nubia’s newest gamer smartphone with cutting-edge hardware, continue to emerge. And after the company has already confirmed the device with 4,500 mAh battery and 120W fast charging, new information about the charger included in the box now appears.

Unlike the newest market trend that includes removing the plug adapter, Nubia will keep (at least for now) the accessory along with the Red Magic 6, and certification from the 3C body reveals that the inclusive charger in the box has charging capacity 66W.

This indicates that, while Nubia has confirmed support for fast recharging with a powerful 120W of power, users will need to purchase a separate charger that achieves this capacity, although it includes an already very powerful 66W charger in the box.

So far we know that the smartphone will hit the market with Snapdragon 888 5G chip, Qualcomm’s most powerful processor for the first half of 2021, and will also be released without major design changes compared to the Red Magic 5G, being the main new highlight the electrochromic panel that is transparent.

An excellent cooling system and improvements to all smartphone hardware are also expected, with faster and more efficient memories, support for 5G and decent cameras. The announcement date for Red Magic 6 has not yet been revealed.


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