Power Wash Simulator: How it translates


It may seem ridiculous to care about cosmetic changes in PowerWash Simulator, but the main thing in the game is convenience and aesthetics. Of course, almost the entire game will have one or two gloves and a sleeve on the screen. If the game is supposed to be fun and relaxing, a beautiful appearance will directly improve the impression.

For this reason, players gain control over how their character looks in PowerWash Simulator. It’s not immediately obvious, but it takes a couple of bucks and a few seconds to put on a new suit. Here’s how to knock it out and get back to washing in a hurry.

Buy an outfit in the store

Main Menu > Store > Clothes

This process of changing clothes will not work at first because there are no new clothes to change into other than the default blue suit. He’s already equipped, so don’t bother doing this process until you get another one.

To get to the right place to buy, open the main menu and select the store. This is a bright orange icon with a dollar basket symbol. Scroll down past the gloves or buy a pair to wear with a new outfit, the process of equipping gloves is similar to this. Then choose clothes and browse through the various options. Choose the one that looks great, buy it, and now it’s time to change.

Equipping with new equipment

“Gear” button > “Clothing” tab > “Gear” > “Choose a suit”

In the lower left corner of the screen there will be a button that opens the equipment menu. This is the same button that gamers will use to change washing machines. However, instead of fiddling with the default tab, go to the right and select “Clothes”.

From here, two buttons will be displayed: “Outfit” and “Gloves”. Choose “Outfit” and all the clothes you bought will be here, choose it and get back to work!

PowerWash Simulator is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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