Power logos are coming for USB Type-C cables


Important parts of our lives, such as USB Type-C cables and chargers. USB IF designed power transfer logos for chargers and cables.


USB cables have been in our lives for years. Especially with smartphones, micro USB cables have spread all over the world. In the last five years, micro USB cables have been replaced by USB Type-C. However, not all Type-C cables have the same power transfer characteristics.

Although the power transfer speed of the charging adapter is important here, the cable is one of the important parts of this transfer. Here is the USB Implementers Forum, aka USB IF, announced the logos showing the power transfer speed for Type-C cables and chargers.

New logo work for USB Type-C cables and chargers

The prevalence of fast charging and the fact that companies come up with much higher transfer speeds every year confuses consumers. Which charger and cable support how much power transfer is one of the important details. Here USB IF has designed the logo about it and designed for every power transfer.

These designs will be placed on both the charger, the charging cable and the box. Apart from that, the forum also designed a logo for USB 4 cables. 40 Gbps support for USB 4 is in the foreground in the logos. In this sense, the red and blue logos on the boxes had USB Certified and 40 Gbps.

Logos designed for USB 4 and USB Type-C

Again, USB Type-C supported charger boxes will have a colored logo showing power transfer, and a black and white logo on the cable and charger. Here, there will be an emphasis on the power transfer support of Type-C cables. Cables with USB Type-C PD 3.1 standard will have logos for 60W and 240W power transfer support.

Although the power transfer speeds of cables and chargers are important, it turns out that USB IF has not yet done a study for the authenticity of these logos. In other words, companies that imitate logos in some way may mislead the consumer. However, it is also expected that the forum will take a measure proving this with holograms and data matrix for the originality of the logo.

In addition to all these, fast charging support is of great importance for chargers. It is also among the expectations of consumers that companies make a study confirming their fast charging support. Although companies recommend original chargers to consumers, it is important that alternatives are reliable.


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