Power Chord Gets New Drummer “Hyde, The Heavy Target”


Hyde, a Heavy Target, arrives on Power Chord to use his insane drumming skills to bring the demons back to hell.

Hyde will officially appear on Power Chord on February 2, 2023, and players can immediately unlock him to add to their groups. His official character description reads:

“The prize fighter is always in the spotlight, Hyde protects the group by being a target that the demons have to hit. Using taunts, attracting blows, increasing his level of defiance, Hyde will keep your group free to attack, and he will be the center of attention!”

So, Hyde is the most tenacious tank among all the strikers in the game. Other drummers in Power Chord focus on creating shields for teams or making them momentarily invulnerable. Meanwhile, Hyde wants all attacks to be directed at him, and as a result indirectly protects the rest of the team. But considering that many late-game opponents in Power Chord have attacks that affect the whole band, how will you develop Hyde to become the best drummer in Power Chord?

How to Unlock Drummer Hyde, a heavy target in Power Chord

Unlocking Hyde, The Heavy Target is relatively easier compared to other unlockable band members in Power Chord. To unlock it, players must “use abilities to restore 100 armor units,” which you can easily do if you remotely use your other drummers to hit hordes of demons with shock waves.

But once you unlock Hyde, will you use him instead of other drummers? First try a couple of runs with Hyde, and then make a decision!


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