Postponing the first trip with Crew Dragon from NASA


NASA was planning to launch SpaceX’s first crewed voyage to the International Space Station with the Crew Dragon space capsule on October 31st. However, the commencement of the journey was delayed at least until mid-November, as SpaceX wanted more time to investigate an unusual situation it detected in one of the tests of the Falcon 9 rocket.

It was stated that SpaceX wanted to identify and find a solution to what kind of problem the Falcon 9’s first stage engine had in the gas generators before flying.

NASA’s Kathy Lueders said in a statement that both NASA and SpaceX are actively working on the findings. Lueders also stated that they expect to know much more about engines in the coming days.

Other NASA trips with the Falcon 9 still seem to continue as planned. These include the satellite mission to be carried out with the European Space Agency (ESA) on 10 November and the re-supply mission to be carried out in late November or December.

Crew-1 mission with Crew Dragon is of special importance for NASA. With the Demo-2 journey, American astronauts started to go back to space from their own countries. Crew-1 will be NASA’s first space mission with a specially produced capsule.


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