Postal workers decide to keep strike started on the 17th


The decision of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to maintain the suspension of a collective agreement led postal workers to choose to continue the strike that started on August 17 for an indefinite period, announced the National Federation of Workers in Postal and Telegraph Companies and Similar Companies ( Fentect) on Saturday (22).

Now, a new agreement with the Superior Labor Court (TST) should be made and, according to the entity, approximately 70 thousand workers are not performing their duties, about 70% of the workforce. Even so, the Post Office carried out a mutirão of deliveries last weekend, aiming to minimize the impact of the stoppage.

“Fentect will continue to develop actions to guarantee the maintenance of the rights of ecetistas with the unions. Therefore, it was decided that this week unions and workers should seek to increase the number of ecetist workers on strike, in addition to intensifying the achievements of pickets of conviction and mobilization acts “, says a note from the Federation.

Delicate situation

The beginning of the demonstrations was motivated by the suspension of the collective agreement that benefits agency employees, which would affect several rights, such as food vouchers, culture vouchers, 180-day maternity leave, childcare allowance, death indemnity, assistance for children with special needs, payment of nightly overtime and overtime.

In total, there would be 70 clauses removed from the contracts, effective as of this month and which would cause the drop in remuneration, in some cases, up to 40%. Both the Correios and the STF did not comment on the decision to continue the strike taken by the employees.

In an open letter, the Interstate Federation of Postal Workers’ Unions (Findect) points out: “The strike is not the fault of the postman, the attendant, the sorting operator, the driver or motorcyclist. They already earn the lowest wages among workers from all Brazilian state-owned companies. “


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