Post strike may end this Friday (11)


This Friday (11), there is a conciliation hearing to define the direction of the postal strike. Scheduled for 3 pm by the Superior Labor Court (TST), the meeting will allow representatives of the working class and state officials to discuss the conditions of a possible agreement. The officials, however, do not believe that the state company will accept their demands.

The category’s main demand is the continuation of the collective bargaining agreement reached in 2019, which is expected to run until 2021, which was suspended by the Post Office due to the pandemic – excluding 70 labor clauses.

While employees argue that such clauses represent acquired rights, the state justifies that the suspension was based on the need to “adjust benefits that went beyond the CLT and other legislation, in order to align the state company with what is practiced in the market”. Among the benefits withdrawn are the 180-day maternity leave, the payment of a nightly premium, childcare allowance and death indemnity.

Officials do not expect agreement

This Friday, the strike completes 25 days and, if the parties do not reach a common denominator, the case will be brought to trial in the Supreme Labor Court (STF). “Until then, the strike would continue,” said the vice president of the Association of Postal Professionals, Marcos Cesar Alves.

“The current president of Correios has never received a workers’ representative, unlike his predecessors. Our expectation is that an understanding will not be reached at the conciliation hearing, but the result of the meeting is actually a little unpredictable because the high level of the company does not speak directly to us “, he said.

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Unions against privatization

The category is also against the privatization of the state-owned company, which will be regulated by the government in the coming weeks. “The government seeks at any cost to sell one of the great assets of Brazilians, the Correios, and to deliver it to foreign companies”, criticized José Rivaldo da Silva, president of the National Federation of Workers in Postal and Similar Companies (Fentec).


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