Post strike ends this Tuesday (22) after court decision


This Monday (21), the majority of the Superior Labor Court (TST) defined that the postal strike should end this Tuesday (22) and that employees will be entitled to a salary increase of 2.6%. If employees do not return to work, the category may receive a fine of R $ 100,000 per day.

The trial, which was interrupted by technical problems on the participants’ internet, also determined that the strike was not abusive. The decision means that half the days of the strike, which began on August 17, will be deducted from employees’ salaries, while the other half will be compensated. If the stoppage was seen as abusive, the discount would be 100% of the hours not worked.

Among the requests of the employees, the main one involves the maintenance of a collective agreement signed in 2019, but expected to be valid next year, and which was suspended by the state in the pandemic. This package of benefits and rights included childcare assistance, 180-day maternity leave and night service surcharge.

“It is the first time that we have judged a matter in which a company removes practically all employees’ rights”, defended Minister Kátia Arruda, rapporteur of the TST process.

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