Post privatization project will also affect Anatel


The project that may privatize the Post Office was sent by the Federal Government to the Chamber of Deputies this week and also brings changes to another state-owned company: the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The document stipulates a series of changes for the postal services sector, which may be undertaken by private companies.

The documentation aims to create the National Postal Service System, which organizes the functions that are currently delegated only to the Post Office. With the change, the state-owned company will no longer be the only company to perform this type of service in Brazil.

The government also intends to make significant changes to the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company. According to the project, the name of the institution can be changed to Correios do Brasil S.A, which should become a mixed-capital company, maintaining a link with the Ministry of Communications.

So far, however, the government has not defined how the company will be “privatized”. The Ministry of Communications is studying ways to define how the move will be made, with options including a total, partial or split sale of the company’s services.

Anatel will be regulator

While the privatization model is yet to be defined, the project delegates the obligations of companies interested in the Post Office. The proposal provides that companies that assume postal functions must guarantee continuity of services with universal access, quality and affordable price, in addition to following a target plan stipulated by the Ministry of Communications.

The regulation of services will be made by Anatel, which must undergo a reformulation to also include the sector’s inspection. With the change, the state-owned company should have its name changed to the National Telecommunications and Postal Services Agency.

The Bill that provides for the privatization of the Post Office is already in the hands of Arthur Lira (PP-AL), the president of the Chamber of Deputies. The parliamentarian promised an open dialogue on the proposal, which will also include the Senate.

The privatization of the Post Office should draw the attention of large companies to Brazil. In previous conversations on the subject, Communications Minister Fábio Faria said that companies like Amazon, Magazine Luiza and FedEx would be interested in taking over the state’s operations.


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