Post offices don’t negotiate strikes


The Post Office continues to strike. After several unsuccessful attempts at conciliation, the directors of the public company announced, in a note released at Agência Brasil on Tuesday (15), that they are awaiting the judicial decision on the strike to normalize operational activities.

In the statement, the company highlighted that it has been talking to workers since July. However, he acknowledges that “there is no scope for proposals incompatible with the current economic situation of the institution and the country, which excludes from any negotiation the possibility of granting adjustments”.

The current situation

Despite having part of the functional contingent paralyzed since August 17, the Post Office registered, in the last four weeks, more than 187 million letters and parcels delivered throughout the country. The judgment of the collective bargaining action initiated in August takes place next Monday (21).

According to the management of the company, the terms demanded by the employees (continuation of the 2019 collective agreement), put at risk the economy that was being applied. Correios accumulated a loss of R $ 2.4 billion and planned to save R $ 800 million / year, which would close the deficit in three years.

The allegations

Although it regrets the context of the pandemic, the public company recognizes that the explosion of e-commerce, because it depends on the transport and logistics service for the delivery of goods, would be a way to “leverage the business in one of the few sectors with the capacity to grow in this period”.

On its website, the National Federation of Workers in Postal and Similar Companies (Fentect) accuses the direction of the Post Office of intransigence and reaffirms that the workers decided to go on strike to protest against the privatization proposal of the state company and for the maintenance of labor benefits, in addition to salary readjustments.


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