Post office: privatization study is in progress


The President of Correios, General Floriano Peixoto, confirmed in an interview for Exame’s website that the privatization of Correios is under debate at the institution and that studies on the feasibility of the process and its consequences are underway.

According to Peixoto, the objective of the studies “within the scope of the federal government” is to guarantee modernization strategies to make the postal service more agile, efficient and competitive in the country. “Certainly the studies underway will bring solutions to make the Correios more agile and, consequently, qualified to provide a better service to the citizen”, he says.

In the interview, the president of Correios also confirms that the area is experiencing a drop in revenue due to several reasons, from the lower number of correspondence sent and the option for private carriers to the recent partial stoppage of employees, in progress since half of August. Employees are protesting the suspension of a collective agreement that guarantees several labor rights now removed from contracts.


A study commissioned by Exame / IDEIA showed that 40% of Brazilians support the privatization of Correios. The president blames previous actions and strikes for this perception, but says he works to accelerate the company’s recovery with the help of some ministries.

The privatization of the postal service and delivery company has been a priority in government planning since the beginning of 2019, but there is still no forecast for it to actually happen. Companies like Amazon, Alibaba and Mercado Livre have already been listed as possible interested in an acquisition.

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You can check Peixoto’s full interview on Exame’s website.


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