Post Malone will give a virtual concert in Pokemon


Post Malone will hold a virtual concert to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. Virtual concerts, which we encountered in many games before, continue where I stayed with Pokemon.

The famous rapper, who will celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary with a virtual concert, will take the stage at a digital event that will start on February 27th.

Virtual concert can be watched for free

The event, which can be watched on the official website, YouTube and Twitch, will be free. It is also expected that more news about Post Malone’s upcoming musical acts will appear at his concert.

Live events cannot be held due to the pandemic, and the demand for virtual concerts is increasing day by day. The ambitious virtual concerts previously performed by Fortnite continue with the hosting of new games.

The virtual concert, which will be offered free of charge to all game lovers, is also eagerly awaited by Pokemon fans. Although no detailed information is given within the scope of the event program, it is thought to be a wonderful virtual concert that will be full.

In addition, the virtual concert to be held has a special meaning in Pokemon to celebrate the anniversary.


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