Post Malone gets a huge tattoo on his face: shocked internet users!


Post Malone has decided to make a fairly unusual new tattoo. The rapper constantly surprises his millions of fans on the networks!

Post Malone continues to be talked about. His last photo posted on Instagram caused a buzz with his imposing tattoo. We will explain everything to you !

Post Malone is undoubtedly one of the most gifted rappers of his generation. At just 24, the star who just got a new tattoo has sold thousands of albums around the world. In addition, he has several titles classified in the Billboard Hot 100 like Circles.

However, the atypical look of Post Malone makes a lot of talk on social networks. Indeed, the rapper has more than 50 tattoos. Nevertheless, he said in 2018 in an interview with the Wireless Festival, that he just wanted to annoy his mother. However, his body became a work of art according to his words. Thus, the young man does not intend to stop anytime soon since he has reoffended. His fans seem shocked!

Post Malone wanted to get a tattoo on the face before the New Year. Next to his sword, he decided to make a huge armor glove with a ball. However, it was directed by his friend Kyle Hediger before his performance at Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin ’Eve. The latter posted the photo on Instagram. She received more than 11,000 likes.

Post Malone has a real passion for tattoos. Besides, he doesn’t hesitate to put his desires and inspirations on his body. For example, he has different phrases marked on his face like Always Tired. He has several portraits of personalities such as the face of the JFK or Johnny Cash. Finally, several symbols are visible such as skulls or pistols. In conclusion, Post Malone is proud of his work and he is not likely to stop anytime soon. For now, he is focusing on his various projects for 2020!


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