Possible return of the Community film, Addressed by star Paget Brewster


After participating in the last season of the show, star Paget Brewster is as enthusiastic as the fans about her possible return to the cinema community. Before expanding his stellar profile as a co-creator of Adult Swim, Dan Harmon achieved recognition and popularity as the creator of the NBC sitcom, largely inspired by his own experiences studying at Glendale Community College in California. The community focuses on a group of people who join a Spanish language study group at a fictional Greendale Community College and direct their efforts to achieve their career and educational goals and interpersonal relationships, despite the dysfunctional nature of the college.

Joel McHale directed the cast of Community along with Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Ken Jong, Jim Rash, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Paget Brewster, Jonathan Banks and Keith David. Six seasons on NBC and Yahoo! Screen, the series received mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers for its meta-humor, unique script, performance, and character development, although its ratings struggled. In the years since the show was canceled for the second time, there have been community rumors about the movie, especially with its popularity on Netflix, and one star is just as eager to return to Greendale as fans of the series.

Speaking exclusively with Screen Rant, Paget Brewster shared her thoughts on the possible return of the film to the community. Actress Frankie Dart confirmed that there is “no doubt” whether she will return if asked, although she noted that she trusts creator Dan Harmon’s decisions about whether to bring her back for the film or even make it. See what Brewster said below:

“Oh, no questions, no questions. I would help a medic for free, just to be a part of the movie. Yes, I would love to. However, there are so many great people in the Community that it would be a tough call to Dan and Rob [Shrub] and those writers who have to decide, like, “Oh, who are we bringing back?” because they’re all so good and it’s a great show. [Chuckles] I hope there will be a movie, but I also believe Dan will do the right thing for this world. So if there is a movie, he will make a movie, if he doesn’t feel good, he won’t do it, and I believe in him, in this stupid strange man. I trust his judgment.”

Despite the fact that the series has become a cult, attempts to move the Community film off the ground have not been successful for almost a decade, and Harmon did not dare to collect the story until he felt that the time had come. In the past few years, Harmon has begun to ponder this possibility, confirming that the script was turned on in mid-2021, and star Joel McHale said that the increased popularity of the show on Netflix after its release in 2020 caused additional interest among producers. the film comes to life. With the exception of McHale, most of the actors in the Community have expressed their openness and desire to reunite with Harmon for the long-awaited film, and now Brewster is the last to share her interest in returning.

As Paget Brewster points out, if a community film appears, it’s not necessarily a guarantee that it will be included in the project. The last two seasons of “Community” have undergone fluctuations in the main cast: Donald Glover left to focus on his music and other projects, while Chevy Chase was asked to leave due to reports of toxic behavior on set, and Yvette Nicole Brown left to take care of her father. Although Brewster’s Frankie Dart is part of the group in the show’s final season, there is a plot precedent for her character to be part of the long-awaited Community movie. While viewers are waiting for news about the film, they can already review all community broadcasts on Netflix.