Possible Facebook error, A photo with bad content


Facebook users are reporting an alleged bug that causes pornographic images to appear in the feed. According to statements published on social media on Thursday (27), sexually explicit photos are being displayed in the thumbnail that accompanies the sharing of links from legitimate websites, including renowned media outlets.

Some people also claim to have seen inappropriate material in boosted posts, that is, whose responsible company paid for the placement. However, clicking on the material takes the person to the correct content and not to an adult website.

Facebook confirmed that it is aware of the problem and continues to investigate the situation: “We are aware that some people are reporting that they have seen inappropriate content on Facebook that violates our policies. We are working to identify and remove such content as soon as possible,” explains one port company spokesperson.

Most users say the images started appearing between Wednesday (26) and this Thursday (27). On Twitter, an Internet user reports that she narrowly did not format the computer thinking it was a virus. However, she soon realized that the apparent bug had not just happened to her. In addition, prints that circulate on the web and several other complaints lead to believe that the photos also appear in the Facebook mobile application. However, it is not possible to see a pattern for the alleged failure, since the problem does not happen with all users.

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