Possible endings of the Horizon franchise


Horizon Forbidden West has perfectly prepared the next part of the franchise, presenting a new threat to Eloy and other survivors, AI. is responsible for the death of the colony of Distant Zenith, NEMESIS. As he heads towards Earth, Eloy and her friends will need to figure out a way to defeat the AI. and his army of machines to save life on Earth, however, things may not go as planned for the warrior Nora. There are several possible options for completing the Horizon franchise, and not all of them involve saving the planet Eloi and defeating NEMESIS.

NEMESIS is likely to be the strongest opponent Eloy has faced, partly due to the general intelligence of the Distant Zeniths responsible for creating AI. first of all. NEMESIS has sworn to destroy humans in the universe, and this poses a huge threat to Earth, whose inhabitants are not as well equipped as the colony of Distant Zenith. Thus, NEMESIS can successfully kill life on Earth, however, this may not mean the end of humanity forever, as the use of AI. how GAIA can restore life and give humanity another chance.

NEMESIS is defeated

The simplest ending to the Horizon franchise would be that Eloy and her friends managed to stop NEMESIS and save the Earth from another extinction. With an army of machines and the collective intelligence of Distant Zeniths, the fight against NEMESIS and, ultimately, victory over it may seem a distant prospect, but Eloy emerged victorious in such situations. Now that GAIA and all her subfunctions are working, Eloy has an advantage that she didn’t have before, and using it will help defeat NEMESIS.

It is quite possible that Eloy will use GAIA and her subfunctions to create his own army of machines to fight NEMESIS. On top of that, Beta, another clone of Elizabeth Sobek, has a lot of information about NEMESIS and the Far Zenith colony, which can help Eloy find a way to permanently destroy NEMESIS and save life on Earth from what seems to be the last. menace. Thanks to her resourcefulness, experience in fighting artificial intelligence, and allies like Quen, who have a lot of knowledge about the Old World, there is a high probability that Eloy will find a way to eliminate the NEMESIS threat without losing her own life.

Project Zero Dawn

If NEMESIS succeeds in destroying humans on Earth, perhaps Eloy will take the same measures as Elizabeth, initiating a project like Zero Dawn that will bring people back through the centuries. With the capabilities that NEMESIS has, and the fact that it has successfully destroyed a highly advanced civilization such as the Distant Zeniths, it seems that people on Earth have no chance. If it comes to a fight, GAIA can convince Eloy to re-initiate the New Dawn Project in the hope of bringing life back to Earth after NEMESIS destroys her.

Project Zero Dawn will basically terraform the planet after NEMESIS leaves or is destroyed to make it habitable again before reintroducing humans and animals. This scenario would mean that Eloy and her friends would embark on a suicide mission similar to Operation Enduring Victory, hoping to buy GAIA enough time to launch Project Zero Dawn. It also means that Eloy won’t survive the NEMESIS attack, and that will end the franchise the same way it started.

Eloy and the survivors leave Earth

Another possibility is that Eloy and the survivors can evacuate from Earth as Distant Zeniths and use GAIA to terraform another planet protected from the claws of NEMESIS. This possibility means that Eloy was unable to find a way to defeat NEMESIS in time to save the planet, and instead relied on Odyssey, a failed colony ship, to save humanity. Escaping to another planet and using GAIA to terraform it, Eloy successfully saved humanity and left Earth, following in the footsteps of the Distant Zenith and hoping that NEMESIS would not continue to follow them.

With Silence and Quen, Eloy will be able to find the knowledge necessary for the reconstruction of the Odyssey, and with the help of GAIA’s subfunctions, the construction of the ship will not take much time. Silence can also help ensure that NEMESIS can no longer track them using its extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence. Quen’s extensive collection of knowledge probably contains information about the Odyssey, including how it was created and why it failed, so Eloy and her allies will have a chance if they decide to evacuate Earth on the Odyssey ship.

The Horizon franchise quickly turned into a flagship PlayStation exclusive, and in the process, Eloy won a huge number of fans. As the story seems to be coming to an end in the next game, Eloy and her friends will first have to find a way to defeat NEMESIS or save humanity in order to have a happy ending.


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