Is it possible for Bitcoin to exceed $ 20,000 in 2020? Skew Announces


Bitcoin managed to achieve more than 100% increase after the fall on March 12 and increased the investors’ hopes. Despite this, BTC, which has not fully surpassed this level since the day it was first worth $ 10,000, gives investors the impression that it is stuck here.

The fact that analysts are very hopeful from 2020 and think that a new price record may come is a dream for some investors. Research by Skew Analytics, one of the leading research firms, revealed how likely it is that Bitcoin will break an all-time record in 2020.

Looking at the data published by Skew, it is seen that the probability of Bitcoin breaking a new record is 9%.

The Number of Those Who Deposit Money in Bitcoin Is Low
Skew obtained this data by examining orders from BTC options trading platforms. According to Skew, the proportion of people who think that Bitcoin will reach over $ 20,000 before this year ends and that makes options accordingly is limited to only 9%.

Considering that institutional investors make these transactions, it can be thought that it is quite difficult for BTC to reach $ 20,000. Nevertheless, when BTC was raised to $ 20,000, no one would have thought that it could go down to $ 3,000 again, while IMF economist Mark Dow’s short position (Short Sale) shows that almost everything is possible in this market.


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