Possibility to embed on websites for Apple Podcasts


Apple is introducing the option to embed on web pages for Apple Podcasts. In this way, it will be possible to coincide with the programs hosted under Apple Podcasts more on the internet. In this way, Apple aims to become more competitive against competing podcast platforms.

Anyone can add any podcast to their page from Apple Podcasts. For this, you need to find the Apple Podcasts page of the podcast you want and then select the episode you want to add. Then click on the upload icon on the right and select the code icon. You will have copied the embed code, and then you can paste it where you want the podcast to appear.

While this new feature might not seem like a big change, it could provide more visibility to Apple. Being the default embedded player on websites can help Spotify stay ahead in terms of gaining a good win for players in this arena and gaining listeners on Apple’s platform. The more people from Apple stream and have to think less about where to stream, the better for Apple.


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