Possibility of Kia to produce Apple Car still on the table

News about Apple’s electric car, known as the “Apple Car”, took a serious place on the agenda a few weeks ago. It was stated that the Cupertino-based company agreed with Hyundai for the production and that Apple Car production will be carried out by Kia. However, in a statement from the Hyundai front after a while, this claim was denied and it was stated that there was not even a meeting with Apple.

It is said that Hyundai leaked the process and Apple was not satisfied with the break between the parties. It is stated that Hyundai’s statement “We did not meet with Apple” was made to save the situation. Despite what happened, the claim that the strings between the parties might not have been broken is also circulating.

It is stated that Kia will be at the center of the relationship between the parties. Kia has a factory in the US state of Georgia, making it one of the best candidates for Apple Car production. According to reports in South Korean media, the bridges between the two companies have not been completely destroyed. It is stated that Apple and Kia may come together again for electric car production.

According to sources, Apple and Hyundai signed a goodwill agreement covering eight sectors last year. Electric cars are among these eight sectors. It is stated that the electric car header also includes “last mile” mobility, which defines the distance from the car door to the house door. According to analysts, Hyundai’s statement does not mean that the table has been completely toppled.

Following the release of Apple Car news, Kia shares gained value. It is curious whether the news that the ropes have not completely broken between the parties will have a similar effect.



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