Positivo Smartphone Festival With Coupon And Gift


Smartphone: The Brazilian brand Positivo has a wide range of electronics, with products ranging from the famous notebooks with affordable values ​​to products for a smart home, such as smart lamps.

Smartphones are also present in the brand’s catalog, with affordable options and more basic features, great for those looking for a cheap cell phone to use social networks, make calls, take pictures and browse the internet.

To improve, Positivo is holding a Smartphone Festival, where the Positivo Q20 and Positivo Twist 4 models are on sale, and you can even add the R$ 50.00 50POSITIVO discount coupon and choose between a 3 meter USB cable or a 5,000 mAh Power Bank as a gift, both from the Anker brand, represented by Positivo in Brazil.

On the website you can see all the models and colors available, but our suggestions for purchase are:

Q20 Plus Smartphone, 128GB
Positive Smartphone Twist 4 Pro, 64GB
Twist 4 Fit Positive Smartphone, 32GB