Positivo Launches Mesh Routers With High Coverage And Connectivity


Routers: Positivo Tecnologia’s division of Internet of Things devices announced this Wednesday (16) the company’s first line of intelligent mesh routers.

The models are focused on those who need to increase their WiFi signal coverage area, both in homes, businesses or commercial establishments. The idea is that you install the two router units in different points of the property, increasing the speed and stability of the network.

Meet the duo

Altogether, there are two kits with two devices each: the Smart Mesh Router FAST Ethernet and the Smart Mesh Router GIGABIT Ethernet. Both feature intelligent traffic routing and a range of up to 400 m², with support for up to 64 stable connections per router.

The routers consist of four 5dBi antennas in each unit, Wi-Fi 5 connection and dual-band support (2.4GHz at 300Mbps speed and 5GHz at up to 867Mbps speed).

They have a WAN port, three LAN inputs and additional features like guest networking and signal strength regulation. The kits can be installed and controlled using the Positivo Casa Inteligente application.

The difference between the models is in the speed of the ports for connecting cables. FAST is aimed at internet plans below 100 Mbps, while GIGABIT operates on connections with more than 100 Mbps speed.


Positivo Casa Inteligente’s new mesh routers will go on sale from June 21, 2021 exclusively on Amazon. Suggested prices are $ 549 (FAST Ethernet version) and R$ 849 (for Mesh GIGABIT Ethernet), with the possibility of purchasing a single unit.


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