Positivo earned a record $ 196 million in profit in 2020


Even with the impacts of the pandemic, Positivo had an excellent performance in 2020. According to the financial results released on Tuesday (16), the company had revenues of R $ 196 million in 2020 – the highest annual net profit in the last ten years.

In a brief comparison, the number is nine times higher than the R $ 20.8 million collected in 2019. Clearly, this is a big leap for the Brazilian manufacturer of PCs, notebooks and mobile devices.
Positivo points out that the demand for hardware during the covid-19 pandemic was one of the main reasons for the success. With that, it established a new level by recording revenue of R $ 887 million only in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The company also points out that it has noticed a consolidation of its “Avenues of Growth”. This includes the Servers, Small Retail, Educational Technology, IoT, Payment Solutions and HaaS (Hardware as a Service) sectors.

Another highlight was the progress in different social classes and the expansion of the Vaio and Positivo Casa Inteligente lines. Thus, the broad portfolio to meet the needs of different consumers was essential to achieve the recovery.

“We closed the year reaping the fruits of a successful strategy that was adopted throughout the adaptations required by the pandemic. Even with the challenges imposed by this moment, we managed to grow and reach new heights ”, says Hélio Rotenberg, president of Positivo.

Growth in the Public Institutions segment

The performance in the Public Institutions segment was also a relevant factor for Positivo’s growth. In this case, the company participated in government notices for the delivery of notebooks and tablets to public schools.

In addition, the victory of the bidding process for the electronic voting machines of the TSE was fundamental for the recovery starting in the fourth quarter of 2020. In this way, the company forecasts strong growth in this sector also in 2021.


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