Portal Knights and Override, jogos gratuitos para Xbox One


Portal Knights and Override: Mech City Brawl are the Xbox One free download games in August 2020. Microsoft’s Games With Gold promotion guarantees access to titles for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

The titles are accompanied by two games from the original Xbox: MX Unleashed and Red Faction 2. Both classics are backwards compatible, which means they can be played on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Check out more information about each game and the dates where they can be downloaded.

Throughout the month of August, players will have access to Portal Knights, an RPG game that mixes online multiplayer with Minecraft. It is possible to venture alongside friends through great open worlds, face hordes of monsters and even build structures with blocks. Between August 16th and September 15th, Override: Mech City Brawl is also available, a 3D arena fighting game in which users pilot giant robots and fight each other while destroying cities that serve as battlefields.

From August 1st until the 15th it will be possible to download the MX Unleashed motorcycle racing game from the first Xbox. The game brings some great environments to explore and fulfill Freestyle goals, something unusual in its time of release. Then, between August 16 and 31, Red Faction 2 enters the list of games with free download. It is a first-person shooter that also brought ambitious ideas for the time, such as a scenario that can be destroyed to create its own path.

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