Porsha Williams will replace Tinsley Mortimer in the third season of RHUGT


Portia Williams is going to replace Tinsley Mortimer after a small change in casting for the third season of the series “Real Housewives: A Trip for Girls.” the negative reaction of critics who watched her behavior in the spin-off Porsche’s Family Matters. Fans wondered if Porsha’s short-lived spinoff would get another season or if she’d have the guts to return to RHOA.

Many assumed that Porsha left RHOA to avoid clashes with her engagement to Simon. Porsha was criticized after she announced her romance with Simon shortly after the season 13 reunion aired. Since Simon briefly appeared in season 13 as the husband of Falinn’s “Portia’s friend” Pina, many felt that she betrayed Falinn by contacting Simon shortly after their divorce. Confirming the affair, Porsha stated that she and Falinn are not friends. During the Porsche spin-off, she was criticized for on-screen family abuse and physical assault on her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley.

Now, after a few months of hiatus, Portia is apparently ready to put on the “Real Housewives” hat again. According to People, she was invited to join the third season of RHUGT. She joins Gisele Bryant, Candice Dillard-Bassett, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Leah McSweeney, Alexia Nepaul and Marysol Patton. The ladies are due to start filming on July 18 in Thailand. Porsha replaces Tinsley, who reportedly left the cast for “personal reasons.” According to insiders, the ladies have started filming packing their suitcases and are expected to board their flights on Thursday.

Portia and Giselle have a story after they organized a Bravo chat together. Giselle and Candice will be presenting The Real Housewives of Potomac. Heather and Whitney will be presenting The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Leah will now be the only representative of the “Real Housewives of New York”. Alexia and Marisol are from the Real Housewives of Miami. Housewives from RHOP, RHOM and RHOSLC will join the popular show for the first time. In the second season, RHUGT follows housewives from different shows who spend vacations filled with activities. New iconic moments are created when the girls re-sing an old drama from their franchise, building new relationships and reuniting with friends and enemies.

Adding Portia to the “Real Housewives Trip” will be her first shoot with other housewives since her engagement to Simon. Fans will be watching to see if anyone will confront Porsche because of the controversy surrounding her relationship with Simon. With such agitators as Giselle, Candice and the “bad weather” Whitney and Heather, Portia is sure to face questions that everyone wants answers to. It’s good that the ladies will be in Thailand, a country known for its Zen nature. Porsche needs to stay in a peaceful state to survive the vacation.