Porsche’s Street Monster We Don’t See: 919 Street


Porsche launched an event where it showed its designs that have not come to light until today. The most striking production of this event called Porsche Unseen was undoubtedly the 919 Street vehicle. Porsche wanted to launch this vehicle in 2017, but for some reason the project was cut short.

German automobile giant Porsche launched a promotional event called “Porsche Unseen”. This event includes sharing the vehicle designs of the company, which we have never seen before, with the public. Although the company has shown various vehicles within the scope of the event, we will now tell you about the most impressive model of this event. Named as “919 Street”, this vehicle is designed as a race car intended for the roads.

In fact, 919 Street is not entirely unique. Because it is very similar to this vehicle, it already appears in races with the name 919 Hybrid or LMP1. The company wanted this tool to be for everyday consumers in 2017. But for some reason, 919 Street was interrupted for some reason and it has not appeared until today. However, every detail in the vehicle is of a kind that will fascinate Porsche fans.

This is how the Porsche 919 Street looks

The vehicle takes its general design from the race car named LMP1. The team removed the equipment specially found in the race car from 919 Street, so they wanted to explain that the vehicle is unique to consumers. However, it is not possible to distinguish 919 Street from racing cars despite everything.

The 919 Street gets not only its design, but also the chassis structure, engine and other technical components from the LMP1. For example, this vehicle has a hybrid engine that produces 900 horsepower. In addition, critical ratios such as the wheelbase are taken from LMP 1 as they are. However, whatever happens, this vehicle will never hit the road. The company says that Porsche fans who wish can visit the Zuffenhausen Museum in Stuttgart to see this vehicle.


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