Porsche começa a fabricar combustível sintético em 2022


Porsche sports car division chief Frank Walliser said the company will begin producing synthetic fuel in 2022. The information was released before the world premiere of the new 911 GT3, which took place on Tuesday, the 16th.

“It is a long way with major investments to be made, but we are sure that this is an important part of our effort to reduce the CO2 impact on the transport sector,” added Walliser.

Development partnerships

At the end of last year, Porsche released an agreement for the production of e-fuels with major companies in the energy sector, such as Siemens Energy, AME, Enel and ENAP.

The ‘Haru Oni’ project is being built in the province of Magallanes, in southern Chile. The region is ideal for the success of the operation, due to the presence of strong winds. In this way it will be possible to manufacture synthetic fuel using wind energy.

The idea is to start operating in 2022, with production of up to 55 million liters of synthetic fuel by 2024. The estimate is that the production will increase 10 times by the year 2026.

According to Walliser, with the presence of synthetic fuels, “automobiles will no longer have the need for engines or concern about the drop in performance”. Not to mention the good that will be done in the environment. “On a large scale, we expect an 82% reduction in CO2 emissions,” he added.