#PorOndeAnda: Tom Welling, o Superman de Smallville


Tom Welling was known worldwide for bringing to life a teen version of the iconic Clark Kent character in Smallville. The series, over ten seasons, brought very interesting conflicts that put the actor in the spotlight developing like Superman, but, after the end of the series, #PorOndeAnda Tom Welling?

Tom Welling and Smallville’s success

Before starting acting, Welling worked as a model and always had a close relationship with the family. In 2001, he sporadically joined the cast of some series like Judging Amy, Special Unit 2 and Undeclared. At the same time, I was waiting for the result of some auditions I had done for the cast of the series of the channel The CW (at the time still called The WB).

Producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar chose the young man because of his profile and believed that he had potential, even though his performance was considered limited at that stage. However, upon receiving the news that he would play the protagonist, he refused the role because he was very afraid of the artistic world.

Welling was convinced by director David Nutter to accept the role. According to some fans of the series, the choice could not be better, since the character is remembered until today precisely because of the actor.

Because it is also a first major role in his career, Welling is more remembered and associated by Smallville than any other production.

What happened to Tom Welling?

After participating in the last episode of Smallville, Welling decided to take a sabbatical, in which he would dedicate himself to his personal life. In interviews, he stated that he wanted a break to find out what was going on in his life and calm down after so many recordings.

From that time on, with a desire to live different characters, the actor began to choose more strongly the roles he would play. He acted in some films, such as Parkland (2013), with Zac Efron, and The Choice (2016), an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks.

It is worth mentioning that, during the screening of Smallville, he was part of the cast of Doze é Demais (2003) and O Fogo (2005).

How is Tom Welling in 2020?

His choices were not always well received by the public. Currently, at 43 years of age, Welling has made only minor appearances in series and films. Among them, it is worth mentioning that in 2017 he participated in Lucifer’s 3rd season playing Marcus Pierce, one of the most important characters in the narrative arc of that series of episodes.

He recently brought Clark Kent back to life in a very special appearance in the Arrowverse Crisis in Infinite Earths arc. The fans couldn’t have been happier, could they?


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