#PorOndeAnda: Dean Cain, and Superman de Lois & Clark


During the 1990s, the series of DC’s greatest superhero, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, was a big hit on TV, with Dean Cain in the role of Superman and Teri Hatcher as his partner Lois. The series was shown between 1993 and 1997 with 4 seasons that led the protagonists to stardom.

Despite not having achieved another great success like Lois & Clark, Cain continues to have a solid career in Hollywood, having worked in several productions.

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Success as Superman

Cain’s career started before Lois & Clark. The actor had already participated in some TV programs, and in 1992 he played Rick in Barrados no Baile (Beverly Hills 90210). The following year, he was cast as Clark Kent in the Superman series, with which he became known worldwide.

Post-Superman career

After the series ended in 1997, Cain worked in several productions for TV and film, but almost always in small roles or participations, as in Law & Order: SVU and CSI: Miami. He also served for a season in Las Vegas. And he has worked as an executive producer on some projects, including documentaries.

The return to the DC universe

After dropping the Superman uniform, Cain returned to superhero productions giving voice to Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s father, in the animated DC Super Hero Girls. Between 2015 and 2017, he played Dr. Jeremiah Danvers on The CW Supergirl series.

Cain in the service of the law

In parallel to work on TV and film, Cain turned to betting on a new career. In 2018, he became a reserve officer at the St. Anthony Police Department in Minnesota (USA). At the time, the actor revealed that he always had the dream of becoming a police officer.

Link with religion and conservatism

In addition to working as a police officer, the actor has a strong connection with the faith and has produced and acted in several productions related to religion. Since his departure from Supergirl in 2017, he has been involved in at least 2 dozen films of the genre, which has made him more conservative and has put him in some controversy in recent years.

In 2020, during the protests that engulfed the United States against police violence, Cain stood in opposition to the protesters and in favor of the police. “This is crazy, because these people scream anti-political rhetoric all day, but when their lives are threatened and they need a hero they call 911 and a policeman comes,” he said at the time. “They hate capitalism, they hate law and order and they hate America.”

His positioning had great negative repercussions on the internet and he was strongly criticized, even by other artists. DC writer Tom King even cursed the actor on Twitter.

Most recent works

Even in a pandemic year, when several productions were interrupted and postponed, Cain has dedicated himself to religious creations. Only in 2020, he acted in 7 films, in addition to the series The Platform. In 2021 there were already 3 launches; the most recent was the feature Break Every Chain. In addition, 5 productions are already triggered: 3 to be launched later this year and 2 in 2022.


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