#PorOndeAnda: Chad Michael Murray


Anyone who lived through adolescence in the early 2000s must vividly remember Chad Michael Murray, who became known for participating in films such as Crazy Friday and The New Cinderella. However, his name really won the media over with his role in the series One Tree Hill, acting as Lucas Scott.

Murray left the series before it was finished and, after that, his name began to disappear more and more from newspapers and magazines, taking the actor to the brink of oblivion. Today, September 23, 2020, One Tree Hill debuted 17 years ago and let’s take this opportunity to discover #PorOndeAnda Chad Michael Murray in 2020!

What is Chad Michael Murray doing?

Contrary to what many imagine, Murray has not abandoned his talent as an actor. On the contrary, he continues to participate in series and films, although nothing can bring the same prominence that he did during his youth.

Now, at 38, some of his most recent productions are Survive the Night, alongside Bruce Willis, and Love in Winterland, a romantic comedy series that takes up the genre that made Chad Michael Murray famous. He also participated in the third season of Riverdale, bringing the character Edgar to life.

On social media, a controversy has surfaced involving the cast of One Tree Hill, and Murray made a point of taking a stand in defense of former co-workers. The case involved harassment situations during the recording period, leading the actor to remember the time when he played Lucas Scott and to praise the strength that women had during such a horrible phase for them.

In addition, Murray always shows great appreciation to fans of the series that made him really known. In 2017, he even attended a convention made to remember One Tree Hill, which took place in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the series was recorded.

On his Instagram profile, the actor posted a photo in front of the bridge that appears at the opening of the series, showing fans that the memories of One Tree Hill will remain with him forever.

What happened to Chad Michael Murray also affects other young celebrities who end up reaching the top and fail to stay on top. We hope that the One Tree Hill actor can have new opportunities to demonstrate his talent!


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