Pornography consumption increases during pandemic


The covid-19 pandemic has had reflexes that go beyond the public health issue. In the economy, thousands of companies resigned due to the crisis. On the environmental issue, social isolation has reduced the levels of pollution on the planet. Now, another curious fact appears: the consumption of pornographic material has increased in recent weeks.

At least that’s what Pornhub, one of the biggest sites of its kind, says. After releasing premium content for 30 days, hoping to make people stay at home, the porn video portal saw its traffic increase by 18%. Access peaks coincide with quarantine implementation dates in several countries around the world.

“People use pornography for a variety of reasons, but the most common is quite obvious: pleasure,” says psychologist Joshua B. Grubbs, in an article published in The Conversation. However, according to him, there are other reasons that can lead to the consumption of erotic material. “People who feel alone or depressed often report a greater desire to look for pornography; many people report using it to deal with feelings of stress, anxiety or negative emotions ”, he explains.

Grubbs also points out that boredom can also be a trigger for consuming this content. Thus, social isolation and fears of disease progress create the ideal scenario for more people to use self-pleasure as a way of relieving their head and spending time.

It is worth remembering that this increase does not need to be viewed with concern. “In general, most consumers do not report any problems in their lives as a result of using pornography”, details the psychologist. He points out, however, that studies show that men who abuse pornography may experience less sexual satisfaction – however, it is still necessary to decipher the Tostines paradox, after all, is dissatisfaction the result of high porn consumption or is high consumption a result of dissatisfaction? Studies with women, on the other hand, show an increase in pleasure during sexual intercourse by them.

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“Although humanity has survived countless pandemics over time, the current one is the first to occur in the digital age. As disturbing as the coronavirus is, for many people, the opportunities for entertainment and distraction remain greater than at any other point in history, ”concludes Grubbs.


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